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Plant Window Suncatcher

Plant Window Suncatcher

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• 4" tall removable window decal
• printed on a special diffraction film that transforms light into a prism of rainbow hues when placed in direct sunlight
• sealed in a protective cellophane sleeve with an instruction card
• made in the U.S.A.

How to install and care for your suncatcher:
• Find the perfect spot! Choose a window that gets direct sunlight.
• Clean your window with soap and water to make sure the decal applies smoothly.
• Use care when installing and if needed, gently press out any air bubbles with a squeegee or a credit card.
• While the window decals are removable, we do not recommend repositioning them after you've installed them to keep the printing looking its best.
• Wait for direct sunlight, then admire the rainbows!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I got this because I needed another one and when the sun hits it , it just looks so pretty

Victoria Skiles


Alex Walker

Beautiful design & casts so many rainbows!!

Nicole Schowalter


Lynne Nikolaus

I love the look of this sun catcher and it arrived really fast! Excited for the trees to lose their leaves this fall/winter so more direct sunlight will hit it.