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Rainbow Heart Suncatcher

Rainbow Heart Suncatcher

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• 4.15" wide removable window decal
• printed on a special diffraction film that transforms light into a prism of rainbow hues when placed in direct sunlight
• sealed in a protective cellophane sleeve with an instruction card
• made in the U.S.A.

How to install and care for your suncatcher:
• Find the perfect spot! Choose a window that gets direct sunlight.
• Clean your window with soap and water to make sure the decal applies smoothly.
• Use care when installing and if needed, gently press out any air bubbles with a squeegee or a credit card.
• While the window decals are removable, we do not recommend repositioning them after you've installed them to keep the printing looking its best.
• Wait for direct sunlight, then admire the rainbows!

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Customer Reviews

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Smiles galore

Loved rainbows the decal reflected on the walls. Now I’m noticing as the seasons change and the angle of the sun shifts, the reflected rainbows are longer and spread in slightly different patterns. Lovely. Sending these to family and friends to spread the joy.

Stacy C.